Sustainable Familyhood Online Course

December 21, 2020 @ 11:46AM — December 31, 2020 @ 11:46AM Eastern Time (US & Canada)

Sustainable skills from our hood to yours...

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with Rashaunda and Melvin Lugrand, SFP (Sustainable Familyhood Practitioners)

SUSTAINABLE Familyhood Online Course is a culturally conscious theory for birth workers, couples, and families who are looking to become pregnant, seeking nature-based education for positive childbirth outcomes, and support for navigating the childrearing continuum. We also offer this community-based experience for healthcare professionals who want to understand how to adapt a MINDSET for cultural connection and the art of reproductive sustainability.

Together Melvin and I have developed a family-centered approach that promotes consciousness in Conception, Childbirth, and Childrearing (Parenting). We do this from a healing justice framework through the entire course to support a TEKnology (Traditional Ecological Knowledge) that brings in our unique understanding of attitudes and behaviors to build bridges of accountability and responsibility for the future of reproductive health, human development, and the primal continuum.

We are offering a SPECIAL Winter Solstice introductory price to register for the 2-hour online course.

Sustainable skills from our hood to yours...

  • You will have developed a MINDSET and understanding of the benefits of conscious conception, childbirth, and parenting on a personal, social, emotional, and economical level
  • You will have developed a conscious and creative way to practice cultural theories in holistic family planning and how to plan an prevent pregnancy naturally, how to prepare for an ecological childbirth - AND how to develop a sound self-care practice to amplify a healing justice framework that supports postpartum care, parenting through the early years + mental health through a lens of community-based perinatal wellness
  • You will have developed a SMART Birth Business Plan for the sustainability of your service to YOUR family and the childbearing community in a sustainable way

Who IS this course for:

  • People who are seeking accountability partners, mentorship, and the capacity to build communal healing as it relates to consciousness and holistic family planning
  • People who are seeing different social programming as it relates culturally centered perinatal wellness and community-based care
  • People who are seeking to build relationships that establish community and co-creation as it relates to a valid system of care

Who is this course NOT for:

  • People seeking a technocratic approach to care
  • People seeking to offload attitudes and behaviors that contradict our vision for Sustainable Familyhood
  • People seeking to replicate our program model without written consent

“RaShaunda and Melvin's commitment to share their vision with the childbearing community in a simple system of care that works. It has been a truly innovative experience for me as a parent and as a licensed professional. The spirit and culture of the InTune Mother Society's Sustainable Familyhood training is most necessary and has given me access to support my own family practice in deeper ways of my personal healing journey, and have strengthened my capacity to hold space for other family support services. I recommend this course to families and clinicians alike”

- Dr. Kevin McPherson


Licensed Clinical Therapist, Mentor, Early Childhood Education, Birth Trauma

Building a Sustainable Familyhood is about establishing a system of care that is vital to human development, especially in today's social, political, and health care climate.

How to participate in this introductory course:

The Sustainable Familyhood Online Course is a 2-hour introductory course.


Sustainable Familyhood Online Course is $144

Access Complete package for $144 until December 31st, 2020

(Price increases to $288 January 1st, 2021)

OR (Viewing Only Access)

24-Hour Winter Solstice Access December 21, 2020, for ONLY $12.21 ($139.79 savings)

OR (Viewing Only Access)

48-Hour New Year Full Moon Access December 30th & 31st 2020, for ONLY $20.21 ($123.79 savings)

After completing the 2-hour pre-recorded introductory course UPGRADE your access for $144. We will meet once a week for 3 weeks in our VIRTUAL ZOOM classroom. You are required to make the LIVE online sessions and complete ALL coursework. We understand that scheduling can be an issue for some, so we will share recordings in our private online community.

● We will have LIVE Q & A Sessions

● Small group break-out rooms for co-creating

● A dedicated workbook to support the video recording

Get FULL 3-week access for only $144

We look forward to seeing you online!